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Service Technician/Skilled Labourer

Service Technician/Skilled Labourer

We are looking for a new member for our Service team. A signing bonus is offered to new employee who stay with the company for a set amount of time.

As a Service Technician, you would be responsible for:

  • Preform day to day maintenance repairs on Sleepwell properties.
  • Preform updates and improvements to Sleepwell properties and rental units.
  • Complete building inspections.
  • Respond to requests in a timely professional manner.
  • Understanding safety protocol and report all hazards.
  • Ensure clean up on each job is completed.
  • Presenting yourself in a manner that reflects Sleepwell.
  • Respond to emergency calls.
  • Track time through our database.
  • Responding to work orders from our office.
  • Updating our service manager and service coordinator