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3 Reasons Tenants Benefit From Professional Property Management

Being a hands-on landlord can be an exciting and great learning experience at first. However, the job can require a lot of patience and time – often more than many people expect it to. Hiring a property manager will eliminate all of those time consuming and tedious tasks that can quickly become bothersome as a landlord. Plus, your tenants benefit from property management too since they’ll have a dedicated professional to help handle any issues or needs that arise. Keep reading to learn more!  
  • 24/7 Assistance

  Most landlords don’t work around the clock. They may have set times in which tenants are able to contact them. Some landlords also operate properties that are out of town so it can be difficult to attend to a tenant’s emergency. On the other hand, most property management companies have a 24/ 7 hotline in the case of emergencies. They also have dedicated teams to handle all the matters related to the rental property.  If tenants have a a question, concern, or complaint, they can call the property management company directly and get a quick and efficient response.  
  • Better Maintained Properties

  High turnover rates are often associated with poor property management. .A professional management company will handle the regular maintenance of the rental property. This includes snow removal, salting slippery walkways, having the landscaping tended to, and any minor or major repairs made. Tenants won’t need to worry about living in a neglected or unsafe property.  A better rental experience can lead to more satisfied tenants and longer stays.  
  • Compliance with Landlord and Tenant Board Regulations

  Property management companies are required to follow all the laws and stay up to date on regulations.  This will give tenants the peace of mind that their rental agreement is fair and legal, preventing any legal ramifications from arising in the future. At Sleepwell, we’re dedicated to providing professional services and around the clock assistance that will make owning investment real estate easier and more profitable. Contact us today!