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Neighbourhood Profile: Sandy Hill

Historically known as one of the wealthier neighbourhoods in Ottawa, this area has since become a vibrant community that people from all walks of life get to call home. If you’re searching for a place near downtown Ottawa, with beautiful parks, old historic homes, close just about anything you may need, this could be the perfect place for you. Here’s a brief overview of what exactly this neighbourhood has to offer.  

The Location

This area is located close to downtown Ottawa and is bordered on the west by the Rideau Canal and on the east by the Rideau River. It also stretches to the ByWard Market – one of the most bustling areas in Ottawa. Due to the rivers and sandy soil, this neighbourhood derived its name from the distinct hilliness on the land that it rests upon. It’s also located in close proximity to the University of Ottawa – one of two world-class universities in the capital city. Years ago, this was one of the most prominent neighbourhoods in the city so take a stroll through and you’ll easily find the evidence of old heritage buildings and beautiful grandeur mansions. There’s something to be said for living amongst the charming characteristics that display a city’s roots.  

The Vibe and Lifestyle

Due to the nearby university, combined with the abundance of larger, old homes and the short distance to the downtown area, Sandy Hill is one of Ottawa’s most diverse communities with residents spanning from every nationality, age, and phase of life. Dotted with beautiful parks, good schools, old and modern homes – this is a place where anyone could easily feel at ease. Whether a growing family or young student, there is something for everyone. Within walking distance to downtown and Laurier Avenue, you have countless restaurants, stores, bars, B&Bs, and charming cafés at your doorstep. It even stretches into the ByWard Market area – one of the most popular areas in the city. The ByWard market is a city favourite hotspot as you can find just about anything – patios, vintage shops, artisan and farmers’ markets, just to name a few – that provide that perfect setting when you’re looking for a great vibe to embrace.   Sandy Hill is one of those neighbourhoods that can get overlooked, but once you take a stroll on through, it’s easy to recognize the historic charm and vibrant community. There is a perfect balance between providing a sense of quaint, calmness, while still encompassing those bustling areas of excitement and entertainment when you’re looking for a great city vibe. There’s no mistaking the energy of this area – it’s one that just about anyone can settle into and find what they’re looking for.   Check out Sleepwell Property Management’s Ottawa apartment search tool and keep an eye out for apartment rentals, condo rentals, and house rentals in the neighbourhood!