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5 High-End Rental Features for Extra Comfort and Convenience

There are all kinds of apartments out there for rent, but what if you want something really nice at a competitive price? Higher-end apartments obviously cost more than budget-friendly ones, but it’s important to consider what extra features and conveniences that difference in rent represents. Sometimes, it just makes sense to pay a little more. With that said, let’s go over some comfort and convenience-focused features that could help you justify renting a higher-end property.

Modern, Open-Concept Design

Space is what many of us yearn for when renting, and for as little cost as possible. Some more luxurious rental options can provide unbeatable value, however. They generally incorporate modern design elements such as loft spaces, soaring ceilings, energy-efficient windows and doors, and open-concept layouts. Collectively, this represents a whole lot more room to stretch out and feel at home! Renting a higher-end unit is a great way to experience living in minimalist modern surroundings to get a sense of whether it is a good fit for your lifestyle and needs.

Luxury Materials

Higher-quality materials such as hardwood, stainless steel, and marble are more resilient and durable than their cost-effective counterparts. While all landlords incorporate cost-effective materials to provide a comfortable, convenient, and affordable living solution, high-end units tend to go all-out and provide exceptional-quality touches to enhance your quality of life even further. It’s also impossible to ignore how much more beautiful they look inside and out.

Private Entrances

Some don’t associate luxury living with practicality, and as a result, many renters don’t realize the convenience of having a private entrance until they experience it for themselves. To be able to walk up from the street to your own front door is typically reserved for those who own a house, but high-end rental units often include them as yet another feature to make everyday life easier. Whether lugging groceries or inviting friends over for a get-together, there’s something to be said about having your own secure, private unit access right on the street.

En-Suite Laundry and Bathrooms

Many high-end rental properties tend to have their own private washer and dryer, making laundry much less of a chore – and saving time and hassle. Additionally, many higher-cost rental units include master bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms for added convenience — no more negotiating with your spouse, roommate or kids for access to the only one in the house! Be warned, however — once you live in a home with multiple bathrooms, you likely won’t want to settle for less.

Great Locations

High-end residential properties are often found in more desirable areas, with access to all sorts of amenities and local attractions. For example, some of our units in Westboro have immediate access to amazing bike paths, public transit, nearby highways, excellent local shops, and beautiful Westboro Beach! It’s not uncommon to come across boutique restaurants, gourmet food and coffee shops, spacious green parks, and extras such as museums or galleries when out for a stroll in more in-demand neighbourhoods. Altogether, living in a great location can seriously improve and streamline your everyday life! Whether you’re new to Ottawa or want to upgrade your living situation, there are many benefits associated with luxury living, and it often doesn’t cost that much more. It can be a great alternative to owning, serving as a perfect combination of house-style accessibility and condo-style convenience. Covering popular neighbourhoods including Westboro and Centretown, Sleepwell Property Management’s luxury living solutions are well-suited to every lifestyle. If you’re interested in the best-quality rental units in the most convenient locations, take a look at our available luxury properties today!