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5 Organization Tips for Your New Apartment

The day that you move into a new apartment can feel extremely overwhelming. Everywhere you look there are boxes and furniture placed in rooms where they don’t belong. A week goes by, and you’re still left with a chaotic looking scene that you’d rather avoid. So, where do you start and what’s the best method for tackling this disaster? Just follow these five organization tips for your new apartment to help you chip away at the mess and get organized.

Move Boxes to One Area

Apartments are compact. You’re not dealing with the kind of space people have when they move into a house. That means you have less space to organize your stuff. But no matter what size your place is, there’s always a way to get it nice and organized. The best way to do this is to find a free area in a corner that you can utilize to pile up all your unpacked boxes. Getting the boxes out of rooms and into one spot can help you handle one box at a time, clear up space so you can move around, arrange your furniture, and put things away without feeling overwhelmed.

Unpack Room By Room

If your boxes are labelled according to room (automatic high five), stack them all together so you can start unpacking in an organized fashion. We know how hard it can be to carve out time for this process, so just aim to unpack one room a day. Start with your bedroom items, then bathroom, kitchen (you can always eat dinner out for one or two days), and then finish with your living room and dining room space.

Get Vertical Shelving

When you have lots of stuff and little space to store it all, vertical shelving can be a big help. You can purchase pre-made vertical shelving or try your own DIY project with some wood planks, brackets, and nails. You can even hang a long towel bar to hang your pots and pans to create more cupboard space. The options and benefits are virtually endless. Get creative!

Utilize Closet Organizers

There’s nothing more practical than a closet organizer. They are designed to save space and keep all your items properly organized. You’ll be surprised how much more of your clothes you can fit into a well-organized closet than one that is based on hangers on a rod. Getting more clothes in your closet means you can throw out that bulky dresser and free up even more space.

Use Every Available Space

We all know apartments are getting smaller, so you need to find creative ways to use open space. We recommend hanging tote bags on the back of your doors and placing your seasonal clothing under the bed in vacuum sealed bags. The more space you utilize, the sooner you will feel more in control, and the less cluttered your life will feel.