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6 Design Elements that Make for the Ideal Rental Home

Considering renting a new place to call home, but unsure what kind of value you’ll get out of it? It’s always a good idea to think about what’s important to you. For instance, do you need more space? How about nearby access to local transit? Want a gourmet kitchen or multiple bathrooms? These are all design and location elements that can influence how at home you actually feel. To aid in your search, let’s go over a few elements that can make your next rental home one that you likely won’t want to leave.

Natural Light

Having plenty of natural light is essential in any home — it can affect your mood, mental health, and overall wellness. If you work or study at home, or are a parent with children, it can do wonders for your ability to focus and alleviate stress. Having more natural light also means there’s less need to flick on the lights, which can help you save on utilities in the long run.

Energy Efficiency

Higher-rent properties tend to include the latest technologies, and this extends to energy efficient doors, windows, modern lighting, and much more. If you rent a home that has separate hydro fees, this can provide you with plenty of energy cost savings. Also, if you’re environmentally conscious, expect to feel better about renting a unit that has a reduced carbon footprint.

Speaking of windows and doors, have you considered what kind of insulation you may have when renting at various rates? Higher-end units with energy efficient fixtures often are more modern and may include more efficient insulation. This means you can face the ever-frigid Canadian winters quite comfortably without needing to turn up the heat.

Material Quality

Material quality, in general, is something you should always consider when deciding what to rent. You may get greater affordability from low-cost units, but properties with higher rent tend to use some of the finest materials that may end up being more convenient for you! For example, any rich hardwood, marble, stainless steel, or tile found in your new home could make for a more comfortable and stress-free living situation due to their durable nature. High-end rental units often include a range of extra features that help justify the rate difference as well. This can consist of en-suite bathrooms, laundry facilities, modern kitchens, and more!


Ever consider renting a home that costs a little more per month but includes a private entrance and your own parking spot? We don’t blame you! Accessibility-focused features tend to make everyday life easier and much more enjoyable — something to think about when you’re wondering what it will be like to lug groceries from the car or walk the dog once you’ve moved in. These design elements aren’t just limited to the property itself, either, as a great location is also important. Everything from ease of access to local transit to nearby shops and amenities is also something to consider. Once you do move in, all this added convenience may help you settle in to your home.

An Inviting, Spacious Layout

With a floor plan that’s welcoming and conveniently laid out, you’ll enjoy your new living situation a lot more. High ceilings, open-concept kitchens and living rooms, and expansive balconies are just a few of the many benefits you can enjoy when renting, particularly if you opt for luxury living. We all want enough space to unwind and feel comfortable, so it’s a good idea to consider how much space is necessary as well as how much would be a nice-to-have — you may be surprised to find that some high-end rental units can deliver the latter at a competitive rate.

There are many elements to consider when choosing a rental property to call home, but don’t be afraid to see what some higher-end options can offer — you may find more value than you would get by settling for something at a lower price! Sleepwell Property Management has a range of these luxury living units available, including some stunning properties in Westboro and Centretown. To learn more about them contact us today.