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Are You Sleeping Well?

Are you waking up feeling groggy, irritable and generally unrested? There are lots of things that can disrupt your sleep patterns and keep you from reaching the proper REM levels for a good night’s rest.

Here are a few of the most common reasons why people lose sleep at night and what you can do to get some much-needed rest.

Use White Noise

Do you live on a loud, busy street? Do noisy buses drive by throughout the night, or do you live near spaces that feature live entertainment into the wee hours? The outside noise might be keeping you from getting the proper rest you need. A white noise machine or fan can actually help absorb and muffle those ambient sounds, lulling you to sleep instead of keeping you awake.

Make Your Room Pitch Black

Our biological clocks are programmed to wake up when it’s light outside. So, if you have blaring streetlights or even a slight crack of light peering through your windows while in bed, it can be enough to prevent your body from getting some quality shut-eye. You can block out the light using some blackout drapes or by wearing an eye-mask to shield out any annoying ambient light.

Reduce Vibrations

Another reason you might be losing sleep is from vibrations. If you live near public transit or an intersection, shaking vibrations caused by nearby trains, underground subway tunnels, and heavy trucks can jolt you awake frequently throughout the night. These types of vibrations cannot be avoided, but you can try using a rug underneath your bed or carpeting to lessen the impact that you feel when in bed.

Reduce Stress

More and more people are losing sleep over stress and not taking the time to try and unwind before bed could leave your mind racing. Using your apartment or condo’s gym, or setting up an area in your home where you can do some light daily exercise or meditation can help to relieve stress you’re experiencing throughout the day so you can get a good night’s sleep.

Buffer Your Walls

If you live in an apartment, condo, or townhome and you can hear a pin drop next door, it might be the reason why you’re not able to stay asleep at night. And, of course, it doesn’t help if you live next door to college students or people who are on a completely different work schedule than you. But you can help to muffle the noise by adding pictures on your walls, placing carpet and rugs on the floor, and even installing soundproof panels if necessary to absorb any sounds.