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Have you Made Your Apartment Spring Ready?

With the signs of warmer weather popping up everywhere, it’s the perfect time to get your apartment spring ready. So, get out the duster, the paint, and your lounger, and let’s get to work!

Clean Your Windows & Curtains

After months of hibernating in your den this winter, you can finally open the curtains and let in all the fresh warm air. If your windows are looking a little neglected with streaks and dust, now’s the time to give them a good cleaning. Crystal clear windows will allow more light to enter and brighten up your apartment, giving you that good ol’ spring feel.


It’s that time again to start thinking about your spring cleaning. But before you give your place a deep clean, it’s wise to declutter your home first. Anything that you no longer use, no longer need, or no longer like, should be heading down the garbage chute or to the nearest donation spot. Freeing up some space will allow you to feel more focused and organized.

Give It a Spring Cleaning

When the sun shines, your dust shows. To avoid embarrassment when the spring sun returns, you should give your home a thorough dusting and spring clean in advance of the warmer weather.

Add a Touch of Flair

Spring is the season of colours – from the flowers budding to the grass and leaves growing – everywhere you look is splashed with vibrant hues. Your apartment should be no exception. Bold accent colours are a fabulous way to give your apartment some spring flair. Think funkily patterned pillowcases, decorative table clothes and place mats, or colourful planters. Some classic spring colours include yellows, pinks, blues, and greens.

Get The Paint Out

Early spring is also a good time to paint a new wall or even your furniture as the weather conditions clear up. And since spring is known for being the time to change things up and start anew, transforming your apartment with new colours is a great way to start the season off on the right foot.

Set Up Your Patio

If you have a little balcony or patio, you don’t have to wait until spring to set it up and have it ready for relaxing and entertaining. After the last frost, you can start to move your patio furniture back outside. Just don’t forget to give it a good clean and a fresh coat of paint so that it looks as nice as the day you bought it.

As soon as the birds start singing and the ground finally thaws, it’s time to get into gear and get your apartment spring ready.  If spring has inspired you to make a change to bigger and better things, like a bigger and better apartment, that’s where we can help!

At Sleepwell Property Management, we offer a range of carefully selected rental properties that are ready for you to move into. So, start this spring with a new chapter and contact us today!