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How to Ensure Your September Move-In Goes Smoothly

Whether you’re going back to school or just happen to be relocating in September, there are plenty of things that could go awry if you aren’t adequately prepared. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place for expert advice on the matter! Here are some key ways you can ensure a smooth move-in this September with less hassle and stress.

Know When You’re Moving? Start Packing

The first step begins when you finalize the details of your move. As soon as you know for sure where and when you’ll be settling in, start collecting boxes and packing supplies to prepare. It’s always smart to begin packing your belongings that aren’t being used before the move. Keep your boxes organized and don’t forget to write a list of their contents on the outside – this will save you from headaches when it comes to unpacking.

Reduce Clutter in Advance

If you have a bunch of things lying around that you don’t have any use or need for, now is the time to get rid of them to minimize the amount of clutter at your new place. Ottawa is full of places that can give your unwanted items a good home, including the Salvation Army and Value Village. Swing by with boxes of donations and enjoy the feeling of minimizing clutter – the perfect prelude to a fresh start somewhere new!

Organizing Transportation and Help

It’s critical that you pre-plan your moving transportation and equipment rentals – otherwise, you’ll likely be out of luck if you try to grab a rental van on short notice. Setting everything up in advance gives you greater peace of mind in knowing that the big day is completely taken care of beforehand. Additionally, be sure to reach out to family and friends to figure out who can help you move in come September. This gives them time to check their schedules and plan accordingly – as well as to let you know if they aren’t free on moving day well in advance.

Updating Utilities and Mail

You’ll have a smoother move-in if you have access to all of your existing utilities from the first day forward. Contact service providers such as internet and home cable companies to inform them of your new address so everyone is on the same page and there are no miscommunications. Also, be sure to contact Canada Post as well as your bank and any subscriptions to ensure all your usual mail is directed to your new home after moving day. You don’t want to lose any important mail or bills.

With these tips in mind, your September move-in should go smoother and be a more enjoyable experience. It’ll be a tiring, big day regardless, but you’ll feel better if you’ve covered all the loose ends well in advance. Contact us today at Sleepwell Property Management for information on our available rental units or to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members!