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How To Make Your Rental Apartment Feel Like Home

If you’ve just moved in, it’s likely that your rental apartment doesn’t feel like home just yet. Fortunately, there are a few small things you can do to help you get settled in a little better. Here are some quick tips to transform your new space into something that feels more like yours.

Personalize It 

One of the easiest ways to personalize your new rental apartment is to add your favourite colour to the walls. If your rental contract prohibits the colour palette of your choice, try painting an accent wall with one of the approved colours instead. Adding picture frames with your favourite memories and some meaningful décor items like sentimental gifts can also help to make your space feel more like your own.

Fill Your Space

Empty areas and blank walls can make your rental feel cold and incomplete – certainly not like home. By adding a few paintings, or some accent pieces that you love, like a trunk or tea cart in an empty awkward corner, can make your space look less hollow.

Get Cozy With Lighting

Lighting can make or break a space. Poor lighting can make an area feel dark and uninviting and too much lighting can make a room feel uncomfortable. If your apartment doesn’t have the floor to window ceilings, you can layer a mix of overhead and task lighting to help create a perfect balance. String lights can also be used in areas that need a little more ambiance like in the living room or bedroom area.  Just remember to use CFL energy-efficient bulbs to help you save on your energy bills.

Add Some Plants

Liven up your space and keep your air fresh with some real plants. Tall palms in corners, plants in window sills, succulents on tabletops, and hanging plants by windows can bring natural beauty to your space and help you relax. You’ll feel more at ease with some fresh plants, and they’ll even absorb toxins around the house to improve your air quality.  

Get Comfortable

The more comfortable your space feels, the more at home you’ll feel. So don’t forget to add some soft and inviting décor to the living room and bedroom. Snuggly throw pillows, big furry blankets, padded cushions, and a soft rug will turn your new rental apartment into a warm and inviting retreat. If you’re looking for a rental apartment that feels like home right off the bat, contact us at Sleepwell Property Management. We offer a wide range of rental suites that are newly renovated and equipped with new windows, countertops, and fixtures to ensure your apartment feels more like home and less like a rental. Take a look at our current listings here and contact us for a tour!