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How Using Minimalistic Thinking Can Maximize Your Living Space

Does the word “minimalism” scare you? It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to give up everything you love to live more comfortably. In fact, minimalistic thinking is about purging the unnecessary stuff so that you can live more peacefully and comfortably. Once you get yourself into the minimalist mindset, you’ll start to realize that less really is more. And by having more of what you love and less of what you don’t, you can maximize your living space. To learn how minimalistic thinking can maximize your living space, read on.

Minimal Furniture

When you live in an apartment opposed to a large family home, the fewer pieces of furniture, the better. So when it comes to your furniture, you should always ask yourself — can I live without it? The whole concept of minimalist living is to keep it simple by ridding yourself of possessions you don’t really need. And to get the most out of your living space, you need only the essential pieces. Your living room, for instance, could include only your sofa, coffee table, entertainment stand, lamp, and your electronics. Your bedroom could contain your bed, dresser, and nightstand. It’s all about keeping what you need, and actually use, and getting rid of the rest.

Minimal Decorations

Do you feel like you’re drowning in picture frames and knick-knacks? Getting rid of all that clutter will help you to maximize your space and feel great. Take the initiative to clear all the surfaces around your home. And if you need to add decorative accessories,  only place a few artful ones that you hold dear to your heart. With minimalistic living, it’s all about quality over quantity.

Clean Out Your Closet & Storage Space

It’s easy to let your closet space get a little out of control. But if you have stuff pouring out onto the floor, it’s time to use minimalistic thinking to maximize your living space. All you need to do is go through your closet and dressers and remove anything that no longer fits or that you haven’t worn in months. Ridding yourself of these items will free up more space and also help declutter your mind.

Simplistic Patterns and Colours

You don’t need lots of prints and patterns to liven up your space. In fact, the more patterns you have, the more confined your space will appear. You can open up your room and give it more personality by using subtle colours like whites and greys and then adding simple patterned or coloured accents.

You don’t need to give up everything to live comfortably, just the items you don’t regularly use or which make your place feel more cluttered. Using minimalistic thinking can maximize your living space, add time to your day, and leave you feeling calmer and more relaxed. Thinking of moving or downsizing soon? Make sure to check out our available rental units — we may have something ideal for you!