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New to Ottawa?

If you’ve just recently moved to Ottawa, we know that it can be tough to adapt to a new place. Fortunately, in our nation’s capital, there is so much to see and do that we guarantee it won’t be long before you fall in love. Ottawa is an exciting and vibrant four-season city with an endless amount of places to explore and friendly people to meet. It’s also the fourth largest city in Canada and arguably the safest.

If you’re new to Ottawa, here are a few highlights to get you excited about your new home.

It’s a Beautiful City

This picturesque city is surrounded by stunning natural settings. Nestled on the banks of the Ottawa, the Rideau and the Gatineau Rivers, this urban centre is the place to be if you love the great outdoors. You can explore trails that wind through the city, enjoy paddling along the river, ski through Gatineau Park, skate along the canal, and enjoy just about any outdoor recreational activity throughout the year.

It’s Rich In Culture

Ottawa is a diverse, multicultural city, making it a truly unique and exciting cosmopolitan centre. Every part of the world is represented with pride in this great city. You can explore the neighbourhoods of Little Italy, China Town, and partake in numerous cultural festivals throughout the year. And, of course, as Canada’s capital city, it is rich in our heritage, too. This city is home to beautiful National Landmarks, like the awe-inspiring Parliament Hill. But it also boasts over 20 national museums and art galleries, including the National Gallery of Canada and the Canadian Museum of History. So, if one thing’s for sure, you’ll never have a shortage of fun and intriguing places to explore.

It Has Excellent Schools

Ottawa is home to a variety of high-quality educational centres. The city is home to two major universities, along with several community colleges. Ottawa truly offers some of the best educational institutions in the country.

It’s A Land Of Opportunity

In this city, business is always booming. Being the official home of the Government of Canada, amazing career opportunities are always within reach. Plus, the high-tech industry is always in demand here, offering secure, well-paying jobs. With so much development, business, and leadership wrapped up in this great urban city, it really does make it the land of opportunity.