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The Pros of Downtown Living

There will always be pros and cons no matter where you live. But pinpointing exactly where to settle down can be a daunting decision to make. That’s why it’s always wise to do a little research ahead of making the decision. If you’re considering a move to the downtown core, there are many different aspects that come along with this exciting lifestyle to consider. Here are a few of the most common pros of downtown living that you can look forward to.

The Convenience

If one thing’s for sure, downtown living is convenient. Take a walk around, and you’ll find restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, produce markets, trendy bars, dental clinics, schools, libraries and just about anything else you need. And, when you head out with your coworkers or with your friends for a few drinks after work, you can hop on transit and be home in no time.

No Traffic Jams

Finally, you can say goodbye to those painful traffic jams that make you get up an hour earlier just to get to work on time. Living in the central hub of the city gives you the advantage of hopping on public transit or taking a stroll to work with your coffee in hand (if you work downtown). This is one of the best pros of downtown living for those who shudder at the idea of enduring rush hour at the beginning and end of each day. Plus, you can get rid of the expensive car payments and use a ride-share program instead like Zip Car or VirtuCar, which can free up more of your hard-earned money for other things.


Ottawa is known for its beautiful and extensive network of paths and cycling routes that can connect you to just about anywhere in the city. If you’re living downtown, you can easily opt to live without a car, which can save you considerable money on expenses.


Speaking of trendy bars and restaurants, living in the core is the perfect location for those of you who enjoy a vibrant and exciting nightlife. If you love to go out, you can choose from so many different types of places that suit your mood and style. And, on weekends and even weekdays, there are countless events to enjoy like farmers markets, outdoor concerts, yoga in the park, street festivals, and much more.

Nearby Amenities

If you’re considering a move to a downtown apartment, many are surrounded by nearby amenities that make life more convenient. When you live downtown, things like yoga studios, gyms, parks, and convenience stores are always right out your door. Not only are these handy for exercise – they’re handy for quick ventures out for something you need.

There are many pros of downtown living, but before you make the decision, think about the type of lifestyle that you enjoy. At Sleepwell Property Management, we offer many different rental properties that have been carefully selected throughout Ottawa. Contact us today, and we will help you find the best spot for you.